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Purpose for Student Assemblies
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Purpose for Student Assemblies

Letter from Randy Hogue

To: School Administrator
From: Randy Hogue
Re: School Assembly Program
I count it as an honor to speak in over 75 different High Schools and Middle Schools every year. After 25 years and over 1900 school assembly programs I can say it is one of the most fulfilling and productive things I do.
My purpose for doing assemblies is two-fold:
First, for the students, I seek to help them realize their potential to be productive members of society and excel at achieving their life purpose. I usually begin the assembly by letting them know I've "been there", i.e.: Broken home, Drug addiction, Suicidal, ect. I the let them know that I found life was worth living when some teenagers reached out to me and showed genuine love. I offer four concepts to become a positive and purposeful student:
1. Proclaim Your Rarity - Everyone is unique and can offer something special to our world.
2. Go the extra mile - Don't settle for mediocrity - Strive for excellence!
3. Use wisely your power to choose - The unique human power of choice can be used to help others and oneself in positive ways.
4. Do it all with love - Toward others and for yourself.
Secondly, for the teachers and administrators, I strive to encourage and elevate them in the minds of the students in order to raise the level of respect for each other.
One of my goald for each assembly is that I'll be invited and welcomed to return to the school again. I understand and abide by thhe principle of church and state. There are two things I would never mention in public schools: religion and politics. I respect the job you're doing with the students on a daily basis. I am looking forward to assisting you and serving you in any way possible.
Randy Hogue

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