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Randy Hogue Ministries
Letters of Recomendation
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Letters of Recomendation
Purpose for Student Assemblies

Hear what Pastors around the world, have to say concerning Randy and his exciting ministry!

To Whom It May Concern:
I am pleased to recommend Rev. Randy Hogue to you and your ministry.
We have been privileged to have Randy speak on several occasions at Liberty University. During these meetings, we have witnessed a powerful anointing on his preaching and person. Without exaggeration, the most memorable outbreak of revival in Liberty's history occured under his ministry in the Fall of 1994.
Randy communicates with young people like no on I know. He also impacts Adults. He has a standing invitation to preach at Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University. Our people love him.
Dr. Jerry Falwell
Thomas Road Baptist Church (pastor)
Liberty University

To Whom It May Concern:
I first met Randy Hogue in 1976 on a trip to Holy Land. We have had Randy at Trace Creek Baptist Church many times over the past 28 years. He has always been faithful to the Word of God. Rnayd has been so powerfully used of God to touch many lives in our community. There is no one that our church has a greater love and appreciation for than Randy Hogue.
Many of the leaders at Trace Creek today were saved in the meetings with Randy. You'll be blessed to have him in your church.
In Christ,
Dr. Ronnie Stinson, Pastor
Trace Creek Baptist Church

"Randy Hogue is a uniquely gifted evangelist whom the Lord is using to reach many for Christ. While effective with all age groups, he has a special tought to minister to students. I respect Randy and believe he will bless the churches where he preaches."
Evangelist Junior Hill

To Whom It May Concern,
It gives us great pleasure to recommend Randy Hogue for ministry and encouragment. Randy led a community-wide, evangelistic even here in Daytona Beach called "The Bash" in August of 2002. Today we are still seeing positive results from that event over a year later.
School and community officials are still talking about the assemblies that impacted hundreds of students that week, There are still people in our church today who first discovered the love and accpetance of Jesus Christ that week. Randy also served alongside David Faile, our Student Pastor, on several occasions both in North Carolina and Tennessee.
It is obvious that God has anointed Randy for such a time as this.
Randy's unique ability to connect with a variety of audiences has opened many doors of opportunity in the past. Randy is a spiritual warrior who will go where others fear going, and will say what others fear saying. He has spent years walking through those doors and will continue to do so for years to come. We have been blessed by Randy's ministry. May God richly bless you and your ministry as you consider hearing from this dynamic servant of God!
With You In His Certain Victory!!!
Dr. Bobby H. Welch
Rev. David A. Faile
First Baptist Church Daytona Beach